Discover behind the scenes of Made in France with our teams and our factory


Moving. The team is made up of devotees, where creatives, experts, technicians and artisan collaborate. More than a factory, it is an incubator which generates new projects which perhaps would not have been able to be established otherwise.

A catalyst for creativity. Our design office develops all of our models. It is a space where creativity has no limits: Patterns, choice of materials, colors, customization of fabrics, etc. using industrial technologies and a large library of thread, borders, elastics, and others accessories.

Shoes technical plan

Technical plan and model development

We have the technical know-how to develop models from prototyping to industrialization.

A project ? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Shoes technical plan


Leave a mark. Equipped with digital printers, we are able to print any design on our own fabrics: textures, colors, patterns, etc. This very flexible tool is not only a guarantee of responsiveness but also the basis of unlimited creativity.

Flexibility. Depending on the characteristics of the project, according to the segment or the seasonality of the product, we can adapt the density of the material by combining a textile (canvas, felt, etc.) with a foam of variable thickness to create a lining.

An idea ?  A design? Do not hesitate to contact us.

fabric Printing

Markings and transfer

As with textile printing, we are able to print and cut our own transfers.

We also master hot stamping on materials such as leather.


Personalized embroidery

We can customize embroidery with endless shapes and colors.

digital cutting

Digital cutting

Our digital cutting allows us to cut all types of materials and in particular textile materials with placed patterns.

digital cutting


We master the stitching of all our models

A rare know-how that we wanted to preserve throughout all these years of activity.

outsole finishing


It’s experienced at each stage of the manufacturing process. The installation of the sole and the finishing touches are also carried out in our factory. We specialize in injected soles on uppers and we can also study welded projects.
These final steps allow us to manage the entire production process and produce a finished product that meets requirements and is controlled (in terms of costs, time and quality).

outsole finishing

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